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Wholesale Coffee / Private Label Roasting

Wholesale coffee

Faith Brew is extremely proud of the quality and consistency with our products. We have partnered with several coffee shops, vendors and churches throughout South Africa. 

What can we offer to your business?

- High end quality, consistent beans your customers will rave over

- We do artistically coffee roasting - Every batch is made with love

- Both the roasters have received SCA qualification

- We grind coffee for the smaller institutions on request

- We offer free delivery for orders over 5kg

- We offer free delivery in Potchefstroom for any size order

-  We can help you build your brand (see private label roasting)

Private Label Roasting

Faith Brew believes in building the coffee community in South Africa. Should you have dreams to build your own coffee label and do not have the roasting expertise, talk to us.

We can supply tailor made solutions:

- Coffee pre-packed with your label

- Coffee pre-packed without any labeling

- Bulk coffee which you pack and brand yourslef