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Faith Brew Coffee is a micro roaster situated in Potchefstroom and was founded in mid-2017 in order to share a passion and love for coffee with the consumer. The two founders, Neels and Natasja, are master artisanal roasters with a single aim of making fresh specialty grade coffee available to the everyday coffee drinker as well as the coffee connoisseur. Neels Jnr joined the Faith Brew team permanently as Manager of the roastery in 2021. Faith Brew Coffee’s main focus is on high-end Arabica coffee varietals with a first love for African origin beans. The name “Faith Brew” is hinting at a small step in faith to take their love and passion and share it with the world…have a cup of Faith! Neels and Natasja both have received Specialty Coffee Association accredited qualifications, all to bring you the perfect coffee.

The Faith Brew Team:

Neels Müller

Founding Member, Owner & Chief Operating Officer.
Neels Müller is part of the founding member pair with a vision to bring excellent coffee to our customers and making a positive impact on ourlocal community. Neels is an excellent roaster (SCA qualified) who constantly works on refining the Faith Brew roasting technique. He is also a safety and risk professional who applies his expertise to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are maintained. Neels’ favorite coffees include Nicaraguan specialty coffee and African Arabicas.

Natasja Müller

Founding Member, Owner, Strategy & HR
Natasja Müller is the other half of the founding pair for Faith Brew Coffee. Natasja is co-roaster (SCA qualified) alongside Neels and is known for her roasting consistency and accuracy. She has an MBA which has enabled her to make keyimprovements in terms of the operations management aspects in the roastery as well as in terms of strategic and product choices. Her expertise in Human Resources is instrumental in building a positive workplace culture and employee wellness. Natasja’s first love is Ethiopian Coffees and Honey process delights.

Neels (Jnr) Müller

Operations Manager in Training
Neels (Jnr) Müller is the latest addition to the Faith Brew Roastery team. He is accountable for the day-to-day running of the roastery. He is key in building close customer relations, streamlining operational processes, and maintaining our public presence. He is an excellent Barista and a Roaster in training. Neels Jnr is a full-time fan favorite of Revival Edition Coffee (Burundi) with Breakthrough Edition (Ethiopian Limu) in a close second place.

Faith Brew Coffee is a proud member of the Specialty Coffee association (SCASA)

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