Ecobrick Project

The first time Faith Brew Coffee visited the Kids Garden Daycare Center (see the blog post on Blessings in abundance) the kids could not sit inside the class as it was just too hot. In winter again it gets freezing cold in the tin-walled classroom, all hampering good learning. We so wanted to do something to change that, but where will we get sponsors and builders to build a school? 

The ecobrick project was brought under our attention and we immediately saw the possibilities...building a classroom while saving the planet! It's a win-win situation.

It works like this...

1. Take an empty 2l cold drink bottle, rinse it out and let it dry

2. Place a few pieces of soft plastic inside (like shopping bags)

3. Use a stick to compress the insides as you are filling with more plastic or polystyrene

4. Keep on compressing and adding plastic until the bottle can't take anymore

5. Replace the lid and ave made an ecobrick!

All schools and institutions are welcome to join and save the planet.