2 Tonnes of Blessings

Starting off 2019 we could wait to get to work on our next community project. MC Ministries were approached by another missions institution which had Manna packs available. Faith Brew decided that in faith we will purchase a year's worth of supply of manna packs to donate to the Kids Garden Care Daycare Center. We did our calculations, placed the order and paid the money. When the courier company phoned us and said our food parcels have arrived, we were totally shocked that the gross weight would be exactly 2 Tonnes. God provided means to purchase a trailer and in no time we had moved the 2 Tonnes of coffee to Bafenyi Trust. We can safely say that when you want to do well in the Kingdom, all you have to do is give the first step...God will meet you there and carry you further all the way.

(Pictures courtesy of Bafenyi Trust)